Citrix – Presentation Server 4.5 – Server Load 20000, Service Control Manager Error 7024, MFCOM service terminated

I have had a error with a number of newly built VM servers on server 2003 std SP2 and Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 Enterprise SP1 with Rollup Pack 6. I trolled a number of sites but could find no definitive solution any where for the problem I was having.

The servers won’t except connections via ICA or RDP. The servers can be pinged. The MFCOM service is stopped but the IMA service remains running. When you run a qfarm /load – the servers display as having a load of 20000.

Image 1.

How ever the servers do not reflect as offline in the managment console and resource manager.

Image 2.

An event ID of 7024 and 7036 – Service Control Manager Error is reflected in the system event logs

Image 3.

I ran a service query on the MFCOM service as shown below. And realised that the MFCOM service was not stopping successfully and that the event ID’s were logging at the same time as the scheduled restart of the citrix servers every evening. The server had been up for 2 days and 7 hours and should be rebooting every 24 hours.

To review the service-specific error code:

  1. Click the Start
    button, Run, then type cmd to open a command prompt.
  2. Type sc query service_name
    (where service_name is the name of the service) at the command prompt to
    display the service-specific SERVICE_EXIT_CODE error code that the Service
    Control Manager encountered when stopping the service.

Note: If the service was stopped
successfully, the SERVICE_EXIT_CODE field should contain a zero (0). If the
service failed to stop when an attempt was made, this field should contain an
exit code provided by the service when it could not stop.

Image 4.

I though I would try a work around and stop the scheduled reboot from the citrix advanced console and create a bat file to reboot the server every evening and execute it with scheduled tasks. But that did not work either and the MFCOM service failed to stop successfully.

All servers that were in the farm previously on Rollup Pack 5 and were then upgraded to Rollup Pack 6 did not experience this issue. All new VM builds that went straight to Rollup Pack 6 seemed to have this problem. So I made the decision to uninstall Rollup Pack 6, and install Rollup Pack 5 first then upgrade to Rollup Pack 6. In some cases I had to rebuild the severs from scratch and follow the upgrade path of 5 first then 6.

It not a definitive sollution but might help others who are experiencing the same issue.


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